Free ITero Scan!

It’s May and summer is on its way!

Dr. Rastogi is going to do something special this summer! In order to educate our patients we will have “Free Scan Fridays” from May to August! We will use our new ITero scanner to show patients what their teeth look like. It takes a few minutes and does not involve any Xrays. We can show you cavities, broken teeth, worn down teeth, old fillings as well as how your teeth come together. Since most insurance companies do not pay for scans, Dr. Rastogi is starting “Free Scan Fridays” to help patients. We still have to send the claim to your insurance company, but Dr. Rastogi will not charge anything if it is not covered. Appointments are necessary for the “Free Scan Friday” offer and it is limited to the first two patients to schedule. Appointments will fill up fast so schedule your scan now.

Free Scan Fridays will be both fun and educational for you! As always, you are more than welcome to make appointments for any treatment you need, that same day!
With summer coming, we like to remind those with children that school will be out soon! If you or your child missed your cleaning appointments during the school year, call us and set up your check up appointment now! We always welcome all of our college students back with open arms! Make an appointment today!

Our ZOOM! Whitening deal is back again this month only! We love that our patients want a whiter and brighter smile! You asked for it and Dr. Rastogi is bringing back the “Half Off Whitening“ special offer during MAY. Call and set up an appointment today! Remember, all of your current treatment needs to be completed to whiten.

*Free Scan Fridays are limited to the first two appointments for active patients. Appointments must be scheduled ahead of time, this is not a walk in service. Consult appointments must be scheduled prior a scan appointment.


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