April Newsletter

Spring has sprung and April is here!

Make a resolution this spring to become healthier!  Did you know that fixing you smile is the one of the easiest way to improve your health?

Improving your smile makes you more confident, improves your well-being and makes you smile more often.  It also makes it easier to clean your teeth, which leads to a healthier mouth and body. Better oral health prevents gum disease which effects your heart and many other conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Correcting your bite improves the ability to chew your food, which leads to better digestion and more nutrients for your body. Improving your bite can also prevent headaches, help you sleep better and help treat Sleep Apnea, if you have it.  All of these great benefits will help you live longer.

Make this year, the year you fix your smile! Start with a consultation to see if Invisalign can work for you! Invisalign uses clear trays for correcting your bite. The best part is, no one ever even knows you are wearing them! This month we will start scanning your teeth using the iTero Scanner and within just a few minutes we can show you how Invisalign can fix your smile and correct your bite!  The iTero Scanner uses no radiation and only takes a few minutes to do.  With a scan of your teeth you can see exactly what your teeth look like, even the ones all the way in the back.  The month of April we are offering FREE Scans! Give us a call for an Invisalign Consultation today! Let’s work together to fix your smile! For more information on the iTero scanner and Invisalign go to  www.uppermarlborodentist.com

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and we are here for you! Cleanings and Oral Cancer screenings are done twice a year to help keep you healthy. Early symptoms of Oral Cancer can be loose teeth, lumps and bumps and even a small white or even reddish patch within the mouth. Always mention any concerns to Dr. Rastogi and your Primary Care Physician.

This month we are having the #BubbleGumChallenge to help bring awareness to Oral Cancer and help those who can’t blow bubbles! Oral Cancer Cause is a foundation that is dedicated to helping patients and families fight Oral Cancer! The Bubble Gum Challenge is fun for patients and staff! Blow a bubble with some bubble gum, take a photo in our practice, with Dr. Rastogi, Jennifer, Zulma, Cortney and Cristina! Post it to your social media using the #BubbleGumChallenge and help raise awareness and money for those in need! PLUS be entered to win an Opalescence Go Whitening Tray! Just show a staff member that you posted it! Dr. Rastogi will donate $1.00 for every single post to the Oral Cancer Cause!

Give us a call today! Schedule an appointment this month and come blow some bubbles for a good cause! (301) 599-1010


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